CDC Whistleblower

The recent “Catalyst” programs proved that the overwhelming of good gut bacteria by bad bacteria and viruses can cause havoc with health.

This bulletin seems to prove that too.The way people are kept in the dark by vested interests in bed with governments and orthodox medicine, is just outrageous Published in the Lancet medical journal – it was not a scientific study – it was an observation of 12 children. Dr Wakefield lost everything for daring to say that

The measles virus is in the gut of all the children observed. He suggested that the vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella be given separately and not in one shot (MMR).

Freedom of Choice

What are Australian and USA Politicians trying to do to the rights of their people? Forget freedom of choice - Fast Track to Fascism - what do you think?

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Vaccination is currently NOT compulsory in Australia and there are no financial penalties for not vaccinating your child or children. It is important that you make an informed decision

Did you know the Government are trying to introduce Legislation to take away your right of choice?

The latest News - Transcripts from the debate "Taking away a parents right to vaccinate or not to vaccinate"

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Who are We?

Vaccination Information Serving Australia (VISA), is a non-profit information service, administered by volunteers and funded by memberships and donations.


VISA was formed on February 11th, 1997 in response to people seeking further information about vaccination (including the risks), and also about health.

What Do We Do?

We support people to make informed choices about vaccination by providing up-to-date information and resources. VISA also works to raise awareness about important issues that relate to vaccination and to promote information about health, healing and the immune system.


The services we provide include:
  • Phone information service
  • Range of books and DVD's for sale
  • Public information seminars
  • Newsletters with latest information and developments
  • Parent support meetings at metropolitan and regional locations
  • A loan library available to members
Routine vaccination may begin in the first few hours of a child's life.

It's Your child


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