Currently vaccinating your children is not compulsory BUT the Government are now developing legislation that  will take away your right to choose.

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The following is a link to a letter written by a concerned member of the public – they have already suffered major health issues from vaccinations.

The following are links to articles written by doctors and health researchers on various health issues:


Italian Court – MMR Vaccine


Vitamin D – Breast Cancer

Merck Vaccine Developer Admits Vaccines routinely contain hidden cancer viruses derived from diseased monkeys

Chicken Pox:

Chicken Pox by J

John Tilden MDIV

Chicken Pox by Dr Peter Baratosy MB BS PhD


Diptheria by John Tilden MDXI


Flu Vaccine

Flu Vaccine Increases Risk Link

Gardasil & Cervarix

Charges filed against HPV vaccine (Gardasil) in France Link

HPV Vaccine Controversy Link

The Lead Vaccine Developer Comments

General Questions and Comments:

The Beneficial Nature of Childhood Infection

What to do if you decide Not to Immunise

Questioning Vaccination

Questioning the Need to Vaccinate

HEALTH the Only Immunity


Hepatitis B Vaccination Update


Homeopathic Disease Prevention

Prophylaxis in Homeopathy


ME After Vaccination


Measles by John Tilden MD

Measles by Stephanie

Links within the article above – World Health and Fact Sheet


Mumps by John Tilden MD


As Fikushima continue to leak radiation, protect yourself with Bentonite Clay


Rubella in babies and pregnant women by Hilary Butler

Rubella Hilary Butler

Skin Tags:

Removal of skin tags

Small Pox:

Smallpox by Dr Peter Baratosy MB BS PhD

Tetanus & Polio:

Tetanus Vaccination by Dr Mendelsohn MD Tetanus and Polio Vaccines


Tuberculosis by John Tilden MD


Typhoid by John Tilden MD

Whooping Cough:

Whooping Cough by John Tilden MD

Whooping Cough Vaccine can cause Brain Damage and Death by J.D. Hayes