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There are many health professionals who are now speaking against the use of many vaccines. A website that should be investigated for medical information on vaccines is VINE

It is up to parents to investigate this problem before they vaccinate. Many parents with vaccine damaged children feel responsible that they did not investigate the ingredients of vaccines before they vaccinated their children. In the US parents are speaking up on this issue and being bullied for their efforts (on social media) in presenting the risks of this procedure – that many doctors are also trying to present.

Here is a link to the Thinking Mum’s Revolution

Here is an example of the court cases that will be necessary in Australia if the government introduces legislation (which is already before some state parliaments) to ban unvaccinated children from pre-schools

If vaccines were safe and effective the evidence for this policy would speak for itself. But educated people are choosing not to vaccinate. It is up to Australians to protect their rights in public health policies.

Kind regards,

Judy Wilyman (MSc)

PhD Candidate

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