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Marvelous Measels

Here is a review of Melanie’s Marvelous measles by an Immunologist and a doctor.

Dear Stephanie,

This is to let you know that Dr. Humphries of the Vaccination Council
and myself have voiced our support of your book backed up with

My review of Melanie’s Marvelous Measles can be downloaded from that
website and I also attached it here for your convenience.  Please,
feel free to circulate it, if you wish.

Wishing you well,



Click here to view the publication


Please circulate this widely – my children’s book DOES have the true science behind it.

Put this on your facebook pages as well.

People who do nothing to stem the lies in their community, only have themselves to blame when their rights are taken away.

There is a call to have my book banned and pressure being placed on booksellers to cease selling. This is censorship. Fight for your rights people or lose them and join a queue to have your children forcibly vaccinated at some point.

We have the truth on our side – don’t forget that!

I would also appreciate you purchasing the book through myself if in Australia, NZ or U.K. as the spelling is different than the copy available on-line – this online one has U.S. spelling.

By purchasing this book you are supporting my work to educate as many people as possible about the dangers of vaccination and the ineffectiveness of vaccination. This benefits your children and future generations as well.

Go onto my website to order – it is being reprinted in the next week and orders will be filled then.

Stephanie Messenger

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