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 The Health Ranger

Dear NaturalNews readers,

Your help is needed to prevent the GMO trolls from taking over Truth Wiki, the new wiki site that counters corporate disinfo with the truth on GMOs, natural cures and much more.

GMO trolls have already posted a full page of biotech corporate propaganda on this page called “Genetically modified crops.” As expected, this page doesn’t mention anything about the Seralini studies, genetic pollution, GMO crop failures, suicides of Indian farmers, the cancer-causing effects of glyphosate, biotech’s lawsuits against farmers and so on.

We need your help to contribute to Truth Wiki, post new truth pages, and counter the corporate propaganda with truth! Will you help edit and update this page so that it tells the truth?

Send any email to to request an account. Once you have an account, read this Getting Started guide for instructions on how to create and edit pages.

Truth Wiki welcomes entries on herbal medicine, the healing arts, natural healing organization, alternative medicine doctors and more! You can help build the world’s first truth-telling wiki that isn’t dominated by corporate interests and paid GMO shills.

Thank you for being part of the truth movement.

– Mike Adams, the Health Ranger