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Dear Friends,

I am sending this to you in hope that regardless of your view on this topic you might understand that if Your Supposed Elected Members can ride rough shod over OUR Constitution on this issue, What next.

This is NOT Democracy, This is State Totalitarianism,

Please print the following out, sign it and send it. As I stated above if this bill passes the Government has OPEN Slather on what comes Next and you will NOT have any chance of Stopping them.

Not Sure?


Letter of Will Concerning the No Jab No Pay Legislation

June 22, 2015 at 11:05am

You can find our Letter of will for the No Jab No Pay Legislation at the bottom of this explanation.  Print out and send in to us at the PO box below. 

You can also copy the letter and email it to your federal and state electorate MPs , but you MUST print and sign a hard copy and send it to us so we have verifiable evidence should we need to take the issue to court or to the Governor General.

For anyone wanting to go out into the community and collect signatures, please PM us, we have a multi signature format PDF we can send you so that you do not have to spend more than a few dollars in printing costs. Volunteer Signature Collectors are desperately needed across Australia.

Here is a brief explanation on the process we are using:

The Letter of Will Process was brought to public attention by Arthur Chresby, former federal member for Griffith and a constitutional research analyst. His short e-book (12 pages) is quite possibly one of the most important and powerful documents to fall into the Australian publics hands.

We are using his information, slightly adapted, so Australians can make lawful changes and take back control of our politicians and our Country. So how can we use the Letter of Will to achieve this?

The only way to achieve any kind of change, be it amending current law/legislation or creating new law/legislation is through the parliamentary process. Legislation is created by a Bill being drafted, then presented to the parliament, then being voted on by the MP’s.  This is the same process whether or not its State or Federal.

When we have an issue that we want changed we must do so through legislation. This is how it has always been done, it is the ONLY way it is done.

All letters of will include the following statement:- “I can not conscientiously vote for any one that is not willing to represent my will”.

This statement essentially tells the MP that they will lose the votes of the people who have signed the letter of will. An MP who votes with his electorate despite his personal feelings or the party’s agenda, is the only kind of true representative of the people they are there to represent. We believe that any MP who is ‘on the fence’ or a ‘no vote’ who sees that his electorate wants the change, will be able to see that unless he votes with his electorate, he will most likely lose his seat next election. This is the most powerful motivator for 90% of our politicians.

By collecting them ourselves, those in the political arena who are not as upstanding as they should be, can not simply toss the letters in the bin as they receive them, which has been the hiccup in this process in times past.


Electronic petitions are good to sign because they give politicians an indication of public opinion, however, if they choose not to listen, we the public have no recourse. The petitions can not be taken to the high court as evidence and that is where the my will letters have their power.

Why don’t Petitions Work? Firstly because politicians can just ignore them and when they do, there is no recourse for the petitioners. Petitions that go to the High Court must have signatures & addresses on paper. There are many online petitions going around but they do not contain a signature, just an email address usually, so consent cannot be verified. If the parliament were to ignore a petition, the petitioner could not take the issue to the high court because they wouldn’t have any verifiable signatures. It must be on paper, in pen and the signatory must be of age for it to count.

 From Pge 286 of the Annotated Constitution of the Australian Commonwealth, Quick & Garran:

 The supreme, absolute and uncontrollable authority remains with the people and the members of the body are called the ‘sovereign people’ and every citizen is one of these people and a constituent member of the sovereignty.

On page 952 Section 116 ss 462 the Constitution it states: “The federal parliament is a legislative body capable only of exercising enumerated powers. It’s powers are determined and limited by actual grants to be found within the Constitution. Anything not granted to it is denied to it”.

Representative Government means a government by the people, for the people, THROUGH their representatives. Our Constitution guarantees this.

Print the letter, sign with your details, post to the P.O box at the end of the letter and share everywhere on your social media platforms and get family, friends and work colleagues to do the same. Original copies must be sent in to the P.O Box where they will be collected and used on your behalf to have this legislation changed.

Its truly time we rolled up our sleeves and get to it.

copy and paste the following letter onto your computer, print out and send in to the PO box below:

P.O. Box 9023 Pacific Paradise Qld 4564



My Will Concerning the No Jab No Pay forced vaccination legislation

I can not conscientiously vote for anyone that is not willing to represent the peoples will on any issue

It is MY WILL that any current legislation related to the No Jab No Pay campaign be repealed and that any future legislation related to coerced vaccination through remuneration or discrimination be abandoned. This type of legislation is contrary to both Australian and International Law. Our Constitution expressly prohibits civil conscription in order to receive welfare or childcare benefits – section 51, 23A. This legislation is also contrary to international human rights laws to which Australia is a signatory. Article 6, sect 1 of the Universal Declaration of Bioethics and Human Rights states that any preventative, diagnostic and/or therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. This consent can not be coerced out of an individual by way of financial blackmail. Informed consent is also written into the Australian government’s vaccine handbook and clearly states:  “For consent to be legally valid, the following elements must be present: It must be given voluntarily, in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation.”

As the current childhood vaccination schedule has NEVER been tested for safety and consequence, this is nothing short of experimentation on our children and coercing familes to vaccinate via this legislation is a direct violation of the Nuremberg Code.

Some parents will need to leave their jobs if they can no longer afford childcare or be forced to vaccinate their children (against their will) in order to keep their jobs. This is not informed consent and this is illegal in every State. To impose this legislation, not only breeches human decency, but also Australian Informed Consent Laws and The Australian Constitution which guarantees Australians political, medical and religious freedom.

It is MY WILL that you, as my Representative, take all steps and measures to ensure that this legislation is repealed and/or prevented in future


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