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Toxic Vaccine Ingredients

It is a fact that the general public is not being informed about the ingredients of vaccines.

The public is also not aware that the harm caused by vaccines can occur days, weeks or years after a vaccine has been given. This is because the ingredients of vaccines – antibiotics, preservatives and stabilisers, can cause delayed reactions resulting in neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases (arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis etc).

Vaccines are a medication for healthy people and it is essential that individuals assess the risk of the disease and the risk of the vaccine before they accept the procedure.

Here is a link to the CDC’s list of ingredients for vaccines

Please also take the time to read this article on the compensation paid to vaccine victims by the FDA  and note that the Australian Government is pressuring parents to vaccinate children without a compensation scheme in place

The Australian Government is continuing to add many vaccines to the childhood schedule in school based vaccination programs where contraindications to vaccines, eg. a family history of allergies and anaphylaxis, is not being assessed before vaccination.

Please also take the time to read this story that has been published by the wife of a former BBC journalist on a website that is now publishing the stories of thousands of girls who have been permanently damaged or have died from the HPV vaccine – a vaccine that is now being given to all healthy adolescent girls and boys in Australia

The Australian public needs to ensure that the media and the government are providing all the science that is known about the risks and benefits of using multiple vaccines in humans.

Kind regards,
Judy Wilyman (MSc Population Health)
PhD Candidate



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