Vaccine Autism Link?

Whilst the Australian Government continues to inform the community that ‘the link between vaccines and autism is debunked’ the medical literature tells another story. In 1998 Raymond Obomsawin (PhD Health Sciences) described many situations where doctors and lawyers were speaking against vaccines. Examples include France where 200 doctors called on the government to immediately stop the hepatitis B vaccine program in schools because of the many cases of neurological disorders and multiple sclerosis being caused by the vaccine. In Switzerland in the nineties 500 doctors called on their government to oppose the MMR vaccine campaign.

Obomsawin also describes the reports from Dawbams law firm in Norfolk, England (1997) that carried forward a major class action lawsuit for widespread damages arising from Britain’s 1994 MMR campaign. The law firm made a public statement that:

 “We know of hundreds of children who were fat and well before being vaccinated but who are now chronically ill or seriously mentally or physically disabled. Of the 600 cases: the most common are autism (202); serious digestive problems (110); epilepsy (97); hearing and vision problems (40); arthritis (42); behaviour and learning difficulties (41); ME (24); diabetes (9); paralysis (9); blood disorders (5); brain damage (3) and death (14). The children’s paediatricians and neurologists stated on British radio and TV documentaries in the nineties that the children’s varied injuries were in fact caused by administration of the MMR vaccine.”

The explosion of autism began in the early nineties and since then a growing number of parents and professionals have been calling on the government to fund properly designed studies that would prove or disprove this link. This has not been done.
The medical literature is full of evidence pointing to a possible causal link between autism and the increasing use of vaccines: many of which contained both mercury compounds and aluminium compounds plus antibiotics, preservatives and other stabilisers.

Here is a link to the numerous articles in medical journals that demonstrate this significant correlation

The first article on this link states: ‘Findings suggest that US male neonates vaccinated with hepatitis B vaccine had a 3-fold greater risk of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD); risk was greatest for non-white boys.’

Many doctors have observed that vaccines can cause brain inflammation and severe brain damage. This is also listed on the package inserts for vaccines. An example is DPT and it is also biologically capable of causing milder forms of brain damage, such as learning disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Please read the information presented by Obomsawain for details on the neurological damage that can be caused by vaccines

Here is a video that explains the cultural system that has led to global governments refusing to acknowledge and investigate the possible causal link between childhood vaccines and neurological damage – such as autism

This is called the use of selective science and it explains why so many websites have evolved to present the science on vaccines that government’s are not providing to the public on their websites.

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