What Laws are Involved in the Federal NO JAB, NO PAY Bill?

What Laws are Involved in the Federal NO JAB, NO PAY Bill?

There are 271 New Vaccines in the pipeline with WHO. If we do not stop this there will be civil war. There is no way

in the world I am going to line up and get injected with poisonous diseases and concoctions.

This is not about health, it is about power, money and population reduction.

We have got to stop this, one way or another.


This is being sent for my own reference, and also in the hope that it will help others to make their submissions to the Senate, on the changes to vaccination laws and welfare, before the 16th October.

(There has been some confusion with links to State Laws going through at this time as well.)

Send to: Committee Secretary,

Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs,

P.O. Box 6100,


Email: community.affairs.sen@aph.gov.au

It appears that the current Bill SOCIAL SERVICES LEGISLATION AMENDMENT (NO JAB, NO PAY) BILL 2015 which has been passed on to the Senate for submissions is this one below.

The age of the child to be covered by this Bill has been increased from 7 to 20, so they obviously have lots of plans in store for our young people to be under their control.

I cannot see how they can remove our religious rights,which are covered under Section 116 of our Commonwealth Constitution.

This Bill should be regarded as invalid, since it goes beyond our constitution.

This Bill is dangerous in that page 2 (2) states

“Any information in column 3 of the table is not part of this Act.

Information may be inserted in this column, or information in it may be edited, in any published version of this Act.”

(Does that mean that this Bill can be altered at a later date, without the scrutiny of the parliament?)

page 4…………..gives full authority to the “Secretary” and the “Minister” as to who can be exempted.

Is this what they will use to get exemptions for their own children and their “mates”?


This New Bill, by Scott Morrison, refers to and amends the Act of 1999, “A NEW TAX SYSTEM (FAMILY ASSISTANCE) ACT 1999”(links below)

in which personal, philosophical, religious or medical beliefs were allowable, as a Conscientious Objection.

These have all been cancelled under the NO JAB, NO PAY Bill.

The only exemption is “medical exemption” approved by a general practitioner.


See Division 2 – Immunisation rules.

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